Welcome to the official website of Spanish composer Iván González Escuder

Final of the Composition Competition for Chamber Music with Klaviertrio (2014-2015).
17. Weimarer Frühjahrstage, 13th - 17th April 2016, Thüringen (Germany).
Partch Project.
Transcriptions of the Li Po Lyrics by Harry Partch.
27th April, 17:00 - Bern (Switzerland).
Meisterkurs Orchesterkomposition of the SWR-Sinfonieorchester.
7th - 9th March, Stuttgart (Germany).
Nocturno para piano in Valencia:
December 19, Valencia
Programa Taller Sonoro Festival Ensembles VI
6 Miniaturas frías in Frankfurt
Aglaya González, viola
December 15; Musikhochschule Frankfurt, Grosser Saal
New work for Clarinet, Violoncello and Piano at the Festival "Lachenmann Perspectives" (Stuttgart): Saturday, December 5
Programmheft - Lachenmann Perspektiven