Welcome to the official website of Spanish composer Iván González Escuder


New works published by Delirium Edition:

  • 12 Moments Musicaux, for ensemble (2012/2020);
  • Versa est in luctum cithara mea, et organum meum in vocem flentium, for violoncello solo (2012-13/2020);
  • Klarinettentrio (2015);
  • 5 Miniaturen, for piano trio (2014);
  • Nocturno, for piano (2013).

Scores now available under: https://deliriumedition.org/delirium-edition-english/


Artist residency at the Künstlerhaus Boswil 2019/20 (Switzerland): https://www.kuenstlerhausboswil.ch/


Concerto per Arciorgano – Even more sound and fury (2019) published by Delirium Edition Score now available by Delirium Edition: https://deliriumedition.org/delirium-edition-english/ _________________________________